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Mobility Deck™ is a free resource that offers expert, researched information on mobility – we want our readers to live free, independent lives. We publish news, tips, guides, buying advice, and reviews on wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and other accessories. To learn about our product selection process and editorial policy, please click here.

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Donald R. Rowe

Donald R. Rowe is the editor-in-chief of Mobility Deck. Donald enjoys writing and is dedicated to discovering the most innovative and valuable mobility products worth sharing with others – the ones that genuinely improve lives. Alongside being the tech behind Mobility Deck, Donald ensures that all content we publish is of the highest quality, carefully researched, and curated. He believes only the best products and advice should appear on the platform.

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Margaret Sellars

Margaret Sellars is an occupational therapist and our diamond – an expert on mobility products for seniors and persons with disabilities. Most of what you will read on Mobility Deck is written by Margaret. As a disciple of FIRE, Margaret is experiencing early retirement and does freelance health and fitness writing in her spare time.

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