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The Best Canes For Walking & Stability: Types of Canes Compared

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When struggling with mobility, purchasing the right cane is crucial. Those who need a cane to assist them with getting around should know of the different types of canes that are available for purchase ahead of time. Such important information makes it easier for these individuals to decide which cane to buy and use when traveling from one place to another.

Recommended Canes for Walking

Now that you know much more about the different canes that are available. We gathered a list of recommended canes if you have no time to research yourself.

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Briggs Offset Foam Grip, Offset Cane, Purple Flowers
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Medline Aluminum Offset Walking Cane for Seniors & Adults is Portable...
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The Different Types of Canes

Several options exist and are designed to assist those in need. Knowing more about the purpose of these different types of canes can help anyone with their buying decision.

Bariatric Canes

Bariatric Cane

The bariatric canes are some of the most robust and durable canes on the market. The purpose of these canes is to support the pressure applied to them by a user who may weigh more than the average person. When an individual is overweight and struggles with mobility, they need a cane that will provide enough support. No matter the size of the user, a bariatric cane will do just that by providing sturdy and reliable support to those in need of a walking aid.

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Standard or Single Point Canes

A standard single-point cane is the type of cane that is most commonly available at different stores for those searching for a walking aid. It allows users to make better contact with the ground as they take each step, making it easier to maintain a steady balance. Those struggling with balance issues can benefit tremendously from using the standard single-point cane. It is also good to know that this type of cane is one of the most affordable options on the market.

Quad Canes

While the single-point cane helps users contact the ground with each step, the quad cane consists of four feet instead of one point. Having four feet attached to the cane is to prevent the user from slipping on the ground and getting hurt. It is ideal for those who are prone to slipping and those who are struggling a lot more with their mobility than they were before. The quad cane is sturdy and provides even more grip for those who need it, which the elderly and disabled tend to appreciate.

Folding Canes

The folding cane often has a single point. However, it is adjustable and may be folded shut when the individual is no longer walking. It is convenient for those who take public transportation. For example, an individual who struggles with mobility might need to walk from their house to the bus stop, where they will wait for the bus to pick them up. They can use the folding cane to help them with the walk and then fold it when not using it because they are on the bus. They may then quickly unfold the cane again to get off the bus and walk to their destination. It is compact and completely lightweight, making it the perfect choice for those unwilling to let their mobility struggles stop them from traveling to different places.

Seat Canes

A seat cane may consist of a single-point or a quad bottom, but it will have a convenient seat attached. Some people who struggle with walking alone may need breaks between their walks. If their legs are starting to hurt and they are beginning to feel uncomfortable, they can conveniently pull the seat down from the cane and then sit and rest for as long as needed. Seat canes are an excellent choice for those walking long distances to get to different destinations. There may be weight limits and restrictions with the seat canes, so individuals must review those limits and conditions before purchasing.

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Stand-Up Canes

The stand-up canes are great for taller people who do not want to feel like they have to hunch over to use their cane. Hunching is terrible for the back and can eventually cause a person to have a permanent hunchback. Those who are taller than the average height of someone using a cane can benefit from these specialty canes because of their size and durability. Hunching over to walk safely with a cane will become a thing of the past.

M-GYG Walking Cane Height Adjustable Lightweight Stable 4 Tips...
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Wooden Canes

Wooden canes are composed solely of wood materials. While many canes on the market are made of metal materials, these canes do not contain any metal. Some people prefer wooden canes because of their durability, reliability, and affordability. The wooden canes come in different varieties and may be made of various wood species. They are known for their durable derby handles, making it easier for users to keep a secure grip while walking.

Umbrella Canes

The umbrella canes combine two essential features into one product. The cane comes equipped with an umbrella that may be pulled out and used by the individual who owns and uses the cane. These canes suit those who like to walk around in all types of weather. It is important to have extra support, especially when walking around in the rain, but it is also just as important to have protection from the water to avoid getting soaked by the storms. Some umbrella canes are simply canes that may be used as umbrellas when it begins to rain.

STAND A ROO RainCane Umbrella, Lightweight, Windproof, Heavy-Duty...
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Self-Defense Canes

Those who feel safer walking alone can benefit from investing in a self-defense cane. These types of canes come equipped with features that make it possible for users to take action if someone attempts to attack them quickly. Whether the person comes from behind, the side, or right in front of them, the person using the cane can promptly take action by using it as a weapon.

Specialty Canes and Sticks

Hiking Sticks

Hiking sticks are not necessarily just for those with mobility issues. While people with mobility issues may choose to use these hiking sticks to get some grip on the ground as they walk on different terrain, people of all ages can benefit from hiking sticks. The hiking sticks allow users to test the ground in front of them before they start walking on it. Checking the ground while going on hikes is essential because people never know when they are coming across muddy areas or rocky areas that have the potential to be quite dangerous.

Sticks for the Blind

Special sticks for the blind allow those unable to see to travel independently in the safest way possible. These sticks provide grip to prevent users from slipping, falling, and getting hurt and allow users to feel around for everything happening in front of them. These sticks help blind people scan around to get an idea of where they are going and where they need to be. When using these sticks, other pedestrians may notice and assist when a blind user needs extra help to get around.

Assorted Cane Accessories

It is important to invest in a high-quality cane when struggling with mobility, but it is equally essential to purchase the right accessories. Cane users should know of some of the convenient and beneficial accessories available to them.

LED Lights

Cane users can add LED lights to their canes to help them see where they are going when it gets dark outside. It is important to have adequate light to avoid tripping over rocks, slipping in water, or even falling into a hole. Aside from providing users with more light to see, the LED lights make it easier for pedestrians and drivers to know the individual who is using the cane to get around.

Tips for Canes

Cane users who add tips to the bottom of their canes can extend the product’s life while enjoying a better grip. Different tips are available to help these individuals get around in any weather, whether it is sunny outside, raining, or even snowing and icy.

Some of the different styles include:

  • Rubber tips for traction
  • Quad tips that are durable and great for mobility
  • Metal tips that are perfect for walking around on hazardous terrain

Metal Spikes

Metal Spikes for Cane

Metal spikes are an excellent accessory for people when they plan to use their canes or hiking sticks outdoors on different hikes. They provide even more grip and protection while keeping the cane or hiking stick in the best possible condition.

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Bags for Canes

Various bags are available for canes. Some bags are large enough for folding canes to fit inside when the user is not walking around with the cane. However, some bags can conveniently attach to the cane for those who plan to visit the pharmacy or a local store to grab a few small items.

Cane Styles

There are plenty of unique cane styles to choose from. Canes are composed of different types of materials, including steel, wood, and even aluminum. In addition to the different materials that users can choose from, canes are available in different colors and designs. Some fold for added convenience, while others are adjustable. There are traditional, modern, and even stylish canes that make people feel good about using the device when walking around.

Types of Cane Handles

While shopping for a reliable and helpful cane, individuals may notice that various can handles are available. These are some of the cane handle options that may be purchased.

Crook Cane

Crook Cane

The crook cane handle is one of the most popular types of cane handles. It has a curve that makes it look a lot like the letter J. It provides great grip and is ideal for tall people who want something to hold onto while using a cane without hunching their bodies over.

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T-Handle Cane

T-Handle Cane

The T-Handle is shaped more like the letter T. It does not curve the same way that crook cane handles curve. Although it provides plenty of grip to those using it, it is far better suited for arthritic hands. Holding a cane is not easy for someone with severe arthritis. Rather than applying more pressure to the hands by using a crook cane, those with arthritis can benefit from selecting a cane with the t-handle instead.

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Fritz Cane

Fritz Cane

The fritz-style handle is similar to the t-handle. It is another great option for those with arthritis. Its primary purpose is to provide more comfort and relief to those with mobility issues who also happen to struggle with arthritis.

More Fritz Canes

Offset Cane

Offset Cane

The offset handle is another style that users can choose from. It is supposed to help improve balance while providing the necessary support that someone with mobility issues would need. It is excellent for people who have problems with their wrists and tend to experience pain when using a traditional crook cane handle.

More Offset Canes

Handle Grip Types

While there are several types of handles, several grip types are available, some of which provide more support and comfort.

Foam Grips

A soft foam grip is perfect for anyone with arthritis or problems with the hands and wrists. It makes gripping the cane a lot easier and much more comfortable.

Gel Grips

Gel grip handles are comfortable and stylish. The gel material makes gripping the cane easier and more enjoyable.

Large Grips

Some handles are much larger than others. These large handles are the perfect choice for anyone with big hands who feels like the traditional handles need to be bigger for them to get a good grip on them.

Orthopedic Grips

An orthopedic grip is ideal for those who struggle with arthritis and wrist pain, too. Anyone who has orthopedic issues should use a cane with an orthopedic grip.

Buying Advice for Shoppers

Those considering a cane should consider the tips below to decide based on their needs.

Choose Something That Works For You

The type of cane you need depends on your mobility and medical problems. You can choose something that is best for you based on your needs.

Test Canes Out Beforehand

If you like, you can always visit the store to test canes out beforehand. While at the store, you will get a better feel for what you want and which grip is best for you.

Do Your Research

Always research the different tip types, the different cane styles, and the different types of handles that these canes come with. After extensive research, you may know precisely what you need and want to get.

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Margaret Sellars
Margaret Sellars
Occupational Therapist Margaret Sellars contributes to Mobility Deck as an expert on mobility products like wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers. Newly retired, Margaret spends her spare time doing freelance writing from the comfort of her home in Maine. Given her extensive knowledge and professional background, Margaret does the vast majority of the writing for Mobility Deck - so if you have non-tech related questions, she's the one to ask!
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