Editorial Policy

We at Mobility Deck™ are dedicated to discovering the most innovative and valuable mobility products worth sharing with others – the ones that “spark joy” and improve lives. Donald R. Rowe, our editor-in-chief, ensures that all content we publish is of the highest quality, carefully researched, and curated. We truly believe that only the very best wheelchairs, walkers, accessories, and related products should ever appear on the platform.

As such, we often spend many hours on single pages of the website. Whether it be a buyers’ guide, a tips and tricks article, or a product review, we research far and wide so you you don’t have to. When possible, we include interviews and data from the best editorial sources around and we pore over customer reviews to figure out what matters to the regular user. 


All of our content is written, fact-checked, cited, and reviewed by qualified writers, editors, and subject-matter experts.

References, Sources, and Citations

Every article written for Mobility Deck is extensively researched and sourced from authoritative, objective, and reliable platforms. In addition, all of our content includes sources and citations (via hyperlink) as necessary.


The majority of our articles are written to be informative but friendly. We want our content to be as accessible as possible, whilst ensuring accuracy and value.

We’d Love to Hear Your Thoughts

If you have any questions, worries, or concerns at all – just let us know by visiting our contact page.