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17 Best Accessories for Wheelchair Users (2024 Reviews and Analysis Catalog)

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Whether you or your loved one uses a wheelchair, having a few comforts can make a noticeable difference in the long run – wheelchair accessories are often a godsend.

We often forget how much of a convenience it is to have a place where you can hold your drink, or maybe an organizer that’s easy to bring along and access.

Wheelchair accessories can help make life a lot more convenient and comfortable for an aging or disabled individual. 

If you’re the caregiver of a wheelchair user, you may not realize how big of a difference these items can make, which is why it’s worth mulling things over and taking the time to ask the person in your care what kind of items would make their day to day a little bit easier. 

If you’re using a wheelchair, maybe you frequently have a hard time looking for a surface to place your items on; or maybe your back or legs are feeling uncomfortable after long hours in your wheelchair. 

Regardless, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to find a wheelchair accessory that solves your problem without the need to spend a ton of money! 

That’s why we’ve created this accessible guide on everything you need to know about wheelchair accessories, alongside our top picks!

Whatever wheelchair accessory you’re looking for, or whatever issue you have, we’ve done hours of research, compared products, and present our comprehensive guide as follows:

The Top-Rated Wheelchair Accessories

1. Wheelchair Carrying Cases

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A custom carrying case for your wheelchair will make storage and transport much easier to manage.

If you’re sporting a lighter wheelchair such as a transport model (with smaller wheels compared to a conventional model), getting this accessory might make your traveling life much more convenient.

We recommend the Wheelchair Compact Travel Case if you’re looking for a functional unit that lets you bring along your foldable wheelchair when traveling. This case doesn’t just act as a storage for your wheelchair; it also serves as an extra measure of protection. 

Everyone knows how luggage is handled in public transport systems like trains and airplanes. Wheelchairs can be very pricey, and having it in a secure container will lessen the chances of the chair from getting damaged while you’re traveling.

It’s also sleek and compact enough that it allows for excellent maneuverability even in crowded areas like train stations and airports.

This model also features durable roller wheels and convenient telescoping handles, which maximizes its convenience, whether you’re moving, carrying, loading, or unloading it.

It comes in a decent size that accommodates most manual wheelchairs. As an added feature, it comes with expansion pockets that give extra space, with the case itself being flexible enough that it lets you stretch it around your chairs outside its basic dimensions.

Finally, it’s built with a wireframe covered in durable padding and padding for added protection and internal straps that hold your wheelchair in place.

2. Work Trays

Work trays are the best way to keep busy even if you’re confined to a wheelchair. It offers you the convenience of you an extra surface to work on. Whether you’ve got work that needs doing or hobbies to enjoy, these trays can be attached to power or manual wheelchair to make your daily tasks easier. 

If you’re looking for a unit, Clear Bariatric’s Wheelchair Work Tray is an excellent potential candidate. It is a transparent tray that’s made of durable poly-carbonate and fitted with straps to make attachment easier.

Many caregivers and wheelchair users will appreciate the discreet and sleek design of this tray that’s a far cry from the bulky appearance of a conventional wheelchair tray.

The tray is also labeled as “extra-wide,” giving you 20 inches of room to work with. The sturdy hard surface makes it ideal for many tasks like dining, writing, arts, and crafts, or other activities.

If you have a little trouble with your depth perception, this tray will give you a more definite line of sight from your legs and lap. It is effortless to install in a wheelchair armrest because it comes with both loop straps and a hook for added stability.

Wheelchairs are often bulky, and positioning yourself beside a decent working surface like a table can be a bit tricky at times. Having a work tray attached to your wheelchair will allow you to lead a more active lifestyle by giving you a surface for both work and leisure-related activities. 

3. Wheelchair Cushions

Even though wheelchairs are specifically designed to make users comfortable, often, it’s just not enough.

If you have a medical condition or injury that needs extra support, you will significantly benefit from installing wheelchair cushions made to offer comfort and improve the ergonomics of your chair.

One such accessory is the Purap Clinical Cushion. It uses top of the line technology with a fluid flotation system that can prevent back pain from conditions such as sciatica or prolonged sitting.

If you’re wondering about the size of this cushion and if it will fit in your model, don’t worry. It’s sized at 18 x 20 x 1.5 inches, but even if it’s a little bit larger than your chair’s seat, it will still wrap snuggly around its edges after you take a seat.

It’s worth mentioning that while this cushion is compatible with most, if not all, wheelchair models, it does have a relatively small capacity compared to a few other cushions on the market.

The PURAP cushion can only handle users that are 250 pounds or below, any more and you risk the flotation system breaking.

Regardless, getting a cushion for your wheelchair will improve not only your comfort during prolonged periods of sitting; it will also help with your overall health.

4. Oxygen Tank Holders

If you have a condition where you require to bring oxygen tanks along with you, getting a tank holder is essential.

Oxygen tanks can be wieldy and bulky things, and having you or your caretaker carry it around is not only inefficient, but it can also be dangerous.

Diestco D’s Oxygen Tank Holder is an excellent carrier for smaller cylinders. It uses straps made from nylon that let you secure your tank on your wheelchair’s back.

These straps slide over your wheelchair’s push handles. The bag itself is made from water-resistant and high-quality fabric that will last you a lifetime. 

Every caregiver will be thankful for this durable holder because everyone knows how heavy air tanks can be, even the smaller ones.

Finally, it comes with a pocket to place a few of your essentials in and reflective tape that’s visible from up to 300 yards of distance. 

When choosing a tank holder, be sure to find a model that your cylinders will fit in snuggly, because getting one that’s too big can be a potential hazard.

5. Cup Holders

Some might consider cup holders to be frivolous items until they realize how beneficial one can be.

You might need to bring your medications while traveling or simply in need of a soothing hot drink. Having no free surface to hold your container or having no one to carry it can become increasingly problematic. 

If you’re planning on getting a cup holder for your chair, we recommend one with a very secure mount. These often need to be screwed in place, which offers more stability.

Another helpful feature is to have one with a flipping design that lets you fold it out of the way whenever it’s not in use, giving extra space when you’re navigating through tight spaces.

NOVA’s Mobility Cup Holder is designed for individuals on walkers and wheelchairs. This small but essential feature will help you more than you’ll realize. It’s no wonder why most cars nowadays have a cup holder.

This model comes with a fully adjustable attachment mount that is compatible with wheelchairs, walkers, and rollators.

All you need for installation is a screwdriver, and after you’ve securely attached it to your wheelchair, it can be folded up when not required, which is a big convenience when moving through tight spaces.

6. Wheelchair Gloves

Wheelchair gloves can be an essential accessory if you’re using a manual-type wheelchair. If your hands are your primary source of movement, then having gloves of good quality with padded palms is necessary to avoid a lot of potential injuries. 

Even if you only occasionally use a manual wheelchair in favor of an electric one, you can still benefit from having some wheelchair gloves in hand.

This prevents any skin irritation caused by moving the wheel of your chair around. This constant strain on the skin can lead to painful blisters that will not only hinder your mobility but many other daily activities as well.

If you’re looking for a quality glove, Kango Fitness’s Fingerless Gloves are a great choice.

This wheelchair accessory is made with soft leather that allows for easier gripping and prevents your hands from developing any callouses. Having some gloves in hand is ideal for individuals who like to travel or go on outdoor trips that require constant wheel maneuvering.

You might be wondering why you should get a fingerless glove over a full-cover one. By leaving your fingers exposed, this allows you to maintain their dexterity, which is convenient for fiddly everyday tasks.

Your palms, however, are protected with grips that are double padded, with a foam interior that provides extra warmth and comfort.

The outside covering of the glove is made with genuine leather that’s suited for both the outdoors and indoors, with an exception to environments with extreme temperatures.

We wholeheartedly recommend gloves for individuals who might be prone to skin irritation or bruising. Having a padded covering for the hands can help soften the blow of minor bumps and prevent skin damage when handling rough surfaces.

7. Automatic Door Openers

For people using wheelchairs, closing and opening doors can be a considerable chore even if they have sufficient body strength to accomplish it.

By using a door opener with motion sensors that power it, you’ll have no trouble going through the doors of your home. This extra convenience can save a lot of time and effort, especially if you reside in a larger abode.

Caregivers can now take comfort in the fact that their loved one can freely move through the house without any help, and this is especially useful in case of emergencies. They may not seem necessary, but door openers can really help the day to day lives of individuals with disabilities or medical conditions.

The most common form of automatic door opener is the one that uses a remote control device that can directly operate a door with a button press. This remote can either be held by hand or installed in your wheelchair.

The transmitter inside the remote is the component that allows the device to communicate with a receiver attached to your door. After a specific button is pushed, a signal is sent to the receiver that will automatically open the door. 

Depending on the model of your door opener, some will keep a door open in a set amount of time before closing again, while others will require you to keep the button pressed in order to prevent the door from closing.

8. Wheelchair Covers

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Getting a cover that’s specifically suited for your wheelchair might seem unnecessary at first.

However, there might be a moment where you need to store your chair or bring it with you on your travels. And this may be a good asset to have if you need to have a surgical procedure, or you have a medical condition that requires prolonged bed rest.

A bed cover will keep your wheelchair safe from getting scratched dirtied with dust. It will also prevent any spills, hinders the growth of mildew, and block out UV rays that can deteriorate the seats and tires of the chair.

If you’re looking for a good chair cover, the EZ-Access Accessories model is a great product that allows for easy placement and removal, which is convenient if you have multiple chairs, allowing you to cover one up with ease when not in use.

This cover, much like any other, will prevent the buildup of dust, mildew growth, and sun damage. 

It will also help with the protection of your wheelchair during travels, preventing it from getting scratched or dirtied from excessive handling. And this prevents any transfer of bacteria.

For aging individuals who will greatly benefit from less exposure to the flu or the common cold, a wheelchair cover is an extra safety precaution.

Lastly, the EZ-Access model also comes with bungees and grommets that help keep the cover securely attached to the chair.

The cover itself is made from water-resistant nylon fitted with elastic seams that will snuggly wrap around your chair. If you’re a bedridden individual or a person who only occasionally uses their chair, having something to keep it protected is a good investment.

9. Wheelchair Armrest Covers

If you’re sitting in your wheelchair the whole day, your body can feel a bit sore.

Many wheelchairs come with seat cushions and feet supporters, but many neglect ample support and comfort for the arms. Getting armrest covers can make up for any shortcomings of your generic armrest with their ergonomic design that’s made with your health in mind.

This way, you can prevent any unnecessary arm friction and pressure you typically get from a normal armrest.

Hermell’s Wheelchair Armrests are a great option if you’re in the market looking for the right armrest cover for you.

These armrest covers are created from faux sheepskin that prevents any discomfort or skin irritation. The “sheepskin” is a combination of polyester shearling that feels and looks great.

They measure ten inches in length and twelve inches in width, allowing you to secure them around the most standard armrests. They are also safe to wash and dry by machine in case it ever gets dirty.

10. Wheelchair Organizers

Whether you’re a person on the go running on a tight schedule or you simply want a way to make your life a little easier, getting a wheelchair organizer can be a godsend.

These organizers are attached to the side or back of your chair as a container to keep your essentials all within arm’s reach. Some models are sized to fit smaller items such as keys, glasses, or your phone, while others will leave you a little more room for significant necessities like your laptop.

Granny Jo’s Mobility Aid Bag earns a mention for being a unit that contains many storage areas and compartments that lets you store many items of different sizes.

It comes with a large “main” compartment that’s easy to close and open, while the smaller pockets can hold your cards, IDs, and phones securely. The exterior of the bag comes with a compartment that’s ideal for placing your commonly used items like a phone or your reading glasses.

The length straps that are used to secure the organizer to your wheelchair are fully adjustable and comes with clips that are compatible with many mobility aids.

These straps can also be removed and attached easily as needed. Wheelchair users can install this bag outside or inside the arm of their chair, depending on their model’s wheel configuration.

It can also be hung on the chair’s back. This gives caregivers an easier time when organizing personal items and keeping them readily accessible.

To cut it short, getting a wheelchair will give both a caregiver and the wheelchair user a convenient container that allows easier access to essential items.

11. Wheelchair Ramps

If you’re using a wheelchair or you’re someone’s caregiver, you know how much of an inconvenience it is whenever you encounter a store entrance or curb that isn’t wheelchair friendly.

Taking a longer route or outright changing plans because of an inconvenient path can get very frustrating and make a day less fruitful.

So why not think proactively and avoid these inconveniences altogether by bringing along a personal ramp that’s designed for these types of situations?

Lightweight and portable ramps are easy to bring along and strong enough to handle heavy loads, including both your body weight and the weight of your wheelchair. This can prove to be a blessing if you need some help going over or getting up an obstacle or steep path.

EZ-Access’ Folding Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp offers convenience, mobility, and safety all in one accessory, being easy to set up, transport, and store when not in use.

This is the perfect ramp if you don’t have plenty of room in your car because it can be divided into two manageable pieces, which can be done by removing its two pins. This way, you can put these pieces into their storage one at a time to lessen the load and decrease the space requirement.

A few other features and upgrades to the older models include an 800-pound capacity, high-traction surface, and reflective tape placed on the edges to make it easy to maneuver even during night time.

It also comes with a transition plate that allows for smooth transitions between the ground and the ramp, and a handle to make it easier to move through. Finally, its constructed with an aluminum alloythat’s lightweight and durable.

12. Leg Huggers

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A leg hugger is an extra form of padding made for wheelchairs, and they can be attached to its leg bars.

These cushions will help prevent your feet from becoming entangled or slipping of your wheelchair’s footrests. This is a great help for patients who have lost full control over their limbs by keeping their legs and feet in place.

Posey’s Leg Hugger makes for a good option, being made from padded foam to provide leg support and comfort for people using wheelchairs. The leg huggers optimize the use of your wheelchair’s footrests while preventing your legs from moving out of position.

The “leg positioner” is covered with vinyl that is easy to clean and maintain. It can secure between 18-20 inch wheelchairs, which are considered the standard range.

13. Push bars

 A push bar gives caregivers a better tool to push wheelchairs over surfaces that are tougher to traverse like ramps, soft ground, carpets, and uneven floors.

They typically come with a very secure attachment that prevents it from getting removed too easily. Many overlook the convenience of a push bar and simply make do with the ones that their wheelchair came with, but the difference can be substantial.

Greenmont’s Easy Push Bar will raise the level of your wheelchair’s hand by 4 inches. This way, your caregiver doesn’t need to bend their backs just to push the chair. Its ergonomic design will allow your helper to position their hands using various positions, where even using one hand is a viable option.

This handlebar will reduce the needed effort to push your wheelchair over less-idea surfaces. It also comes with security keys that fasten the bar to the chair, and they can be easily removed to make transport or storage more accessible. 

Made with lightweight aluminum, the EasyPushbar can support anyone below 250 pounds, with the push bar’s center being covered by ABS plastic that is also durable. This bar will fit many wheelchair models because you can adjust it from 24 to 15.5 inches.

Before buying a push bar, you can ensure its compatibility with your wheelchair by measuring the distance of the handles, and it’s center while your wheelchair is opened.

14. Body Harnesses

A body harness, as the name suggests, acts as a supplementary support structure for wheelchair users who need the extra stability to maintain an upright position. These will often come in many forms, with different designs suited to support a specific portion of the body.

A good body harness will highlight innovative design and additional functionality that goes beyond its purpose. These harnesses can include multi-strap systems to leave a lot of room for flexibility, where you can install them on the rear or front pulls of your wheelchair.

This allows for the possibility of arranging the straps to fit the level of the user’s independence as well as the wheelchair’s design. This makes access more natural and much more convenient. As we’ve said before body harnesses come in different forms, but these three are the most common:

15. Chest Harnesses

A chest harness provides firm support for your chest to reduce the chances of accident or injury. They are typically designed to allow the user to maintain a good level of motion without the harness moving or riding up.

The Rehabilitation Advantage Chest Harness is a good option because it comes with a narrow and standard style. While both can provide adequate chest support, the narrow version allows for extra maneuverability for your shoulders and arms, and it may also be more comfortable for females compared to its traditional counterpart.

These two designs offer a range of different sizes in order to accommodate many users. Lastly, you can opt for either a non-zippered or zippered design depending on your needs and preferences.

16. Shoulder Harnesses

Shoulder harnesses are made to support your upper torso while maintaining mobility and comfort. We recommend Bonberland’s Shoulder harness because it’s designed to suit the size and shape of any wheelchair user, and it also features laminar, curved pads that have an ergonomic design.

These pads are attached with a swivel-type buckle that lets you pivot them to equalize the tension. This harness’ anatomical design will ensure the comfort and support of its users regardless of their position.

It’s “H” design provides adequate control for the shoulders while promoting a comfortable and healthy posture. It’s sternum straps form a bridge section across the H body, and these are designed for easy loosening and tightening.

17. Pelvic Belts

Pelvic belts are designed to stabilize your pelvic area while promoting a proper posture for the spine. The key to an excellent pelvic belt is stable positioning, which gives way to added functionality and strength for other parts of your body.

The Serola Sacroiliac Hip Belt earns a mention for its ability to pivot each of the accessory’s side and swing it up when not in use. Each of the sides will stay in the place you positioned them and won’t interfere with your chair’s wheel functionality.

This model’s straps are made from thermoplastic resin that’s very durable, which ensures a long lifespan with no degradation in quality. The tapering pads attached to these straps provide a closer fit and extra comfort.


We’ve mentioned but a few of the wheelchair accessories available today.

In the world of today, many medical manufacturers are fine-tuning their equipment to suit the needs of a broader range of people, with some offering improvements on the quality of life instead of being purely for safety or comfort.

Wheelchair accessories can really make a big difference in creating a more comfortable and independent life for aging or sick individuals. For caregivers, it’s hard to see the necessity of these items until you try them out and see the difference.

If you’re a wheelchair user, ask yourself which accessory will make your day to day living more manageable. Something as simple as a travel bag or a cup holder will save you plenty of time while offering the convenience that you deserve.

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Margaret Sellars
Margaret Sellars
Occupational Therapist Margaret Sellars contributes to Mobility Deck as an expert on mobility products like wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers. Newly retired, Margaret spends her spare time doing freelance writing from the comfort of her home in Maine. Given her extensive knowledge and professional background, Margaret does the vast majority of the writing for Mobility Deck - so if you have non-tech related questions, she's the one to ask!
Margaret Sellars
Margaret Sellars
Occupational Therapist Margaret Sellars contributes to Mobility Deck as an expert on mobility products like wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers. Newly retired, Margaret spends her spare time doing freelance writing from the comfort of her home in Maine. Given her extensive knowledge and professional background, Margaret does the vast majority of the writing for Mobility Deck - so if you have non-tech related questions, she's the one to ask!
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